Free Prenatal Care – Up to 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

We can help you choose the right person to take good care of you as you deliver your precious cargo. Some options include Women’s Specialists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Lay Midwives, Obstetric Physicians.

During the first 30 weeks of your pregnancy, we will see you every 4 weeks.  Your first visit will usually consist of an ultrasound to help us give you an accurate date of delivery and to make sure your pregnancy appears within normal limits.

Your second visit will include a Pap smear and blood tests which are important screening tools for your pregnancy.  We will listen to your baby’s heart beat and measure your belly to make sure baby is growing appropriately.

The next visits will be basic exams to make sure you and baby are healthy including listening to the heart beat, measuring your belly, and interviewing you and addressing any concerns you might have.  We usually do a follow up ultrasound around 16-17 weeks to confirm dates.

At 20 weeks, you will have the option to go to the hospital for a full fetal survey ultrasound where the ultrasound technician will look at your baby more in depth.  They can often tell the sex of the baby at this point.

Your last visit will be around 28 weeks when you will do a blood test to check for gestational diabetes and have an immunization for tetanus and pertussis to help protect your baby from whooping cough when he/she is born.  At this point, we will transfer your care to a delivering provider.  Throughout these visits, we will be available for emotional and spiritual support, too, and give you enough time to talk through your concerns.